Friday, September 7, 2018

"How to Fly" is now available at West Ninth Boutique! 
119 West 9th Street, Rochester, Indiana. 
Stop in and check it out!

My personal essay, "Box Castles", was just published in Bacopa Literary Review 2018! I'm really proud of this essay, it talks of my time working in a warehouse in Indiana and the dreams we shared. 
It's available on Amazon: 

Finishing up my book of motivational personal essays! Can't wait to start sending it out to agents and see if we can change the world. 

My personal essay, "How to Try", will be published in the forthcoming 1,000 Ripple Effects anthology. Not only is this book attempting to make a Guinness World Record, but it also has heart, with the mission of giving advice and positivity to young adults around the world. Check out my funny video to learn more about my writing!

I'm officially a blogger! Check out my latest guest blog post on the 1,000 Ripple Effects website:

I'm proud to announce that "How to Fly", my poetry chapbook, is now available for sale! Check it out at: 

The Shopping Guide Newspaper interviewed me for the front page of their March 7, 2018 edition! You can read the full story here: 

The Sunlight Press has just published my Christmas essay, "Hold on Tight"! You can read it on their website:

Heart 12 is now in print! My poem, This Moment, won the 2017 Heart Poetry Award and was printed in this year's anthology along with my poem, Beginnings, which won honorable mention. The anthology including both poems and commentary from the  contest judge and myself can be viewed online or purchased here:

Check out the August 2017 issue of Skirt! Magazine to
read my essay, How I Asked for a Raise!

I'm excited to announce that I have won
Nostalgia Press's 2017 Heart Poetry Award!