Things That Changed My Life

  • Central Presbyterian Church--a beautiful historic church in Manhattan, Central Church's pastor met with me at a time when I needed guidance, check it out here:
  • Ouidad--Ouidad was the first salon that wasn't overwhelmed by my thick, curly hair, and using their special technique, made my curls defined, soft, and manageable for the first time in my life:
  • Peridance Capezio Center--this Manhattan dance studio offers tons of classes in jazz, ballet, hip hop and all sorts of dance styles in their spacious studio space; they have a homey, non-competitive vibe, and excellent instruction (and performance opportunities!) for adults; I recommend Grant Chang's Jazz classes:
  • The Walking Company--I had sesamoiditis in my left foot that led to avascular necrosis. I found that resting it as much as possible for several weeks along with P.T. that included laser therapy helped, but a true turning point happened when I found The Walking Company. Their insoles and Abeo shoe line has an option for a metatarsal pad in the sole of the shoe that takes the pressure off the sesamoids and allows them to heal. I am not a doctor at all, but in my personal experience, this stylish shoe line has done wonders for my injury:

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